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Kiln dried kindling, produced from sustainable British hardwoods, mainly Poplar, and sold by the box. Cut to around 150 mm long (6 inches) they are ideal for lighting stoves, open fires barbeques.

We sell a variety of axes for log splitting and making kindling, including the entry level hatchet and log splitting axe. The log splitter has a wedge-shaped axe head, to provide easier penetration when splitting the wood apart. The hatchet is light weight and easy to handle.


Extra long (11”) matches for ease of lighting dog grates and stoves. Also available match holders in Black.






Fine wood shavings dipped in wax, no additives or odours, nice to handle. From a renewable source, carbon neutral.





Log store
Log store

80% of wood-burning stove problems arise from using wet wood. Whilst we supply kiln dried logs, it is essential that once delivered they are stored correctly – out of the rain, but in a dry airy store. Our Log Stores provide the perfect solution to make absolutely sure you only burn dry logs.
• Attractive wooden store with open front and slatted sides for maximum air flow throughout the logs
• All timber is pressure treated with EU approved Korasit CCON preservative. This provides preventive protection of wood against fungi and insects and protects for a minimum of 5 years.
• Weatherproof felt roof (tile design) as standard.
• Conveniently designed in modular format to allow two units or more, side by side or a multi unit of four stores
• Delivered in flat pack format, easy to construct in approx 2 hours (clear instructions provided).
Dimensions (single log store)
Width: 124 cm
Depth: 82 cm
Height (front): 167 cm
Height (rear): 183 cm

Optional Extras

Cedar wood feathered roof tiles
Weathershield (roll up), keeps the wet out, but still allows airflow.
PVC coated polyester, 3.3 tonnes tensile strength, 25% permeable
Rot proof, tear resistant, non toxic and UV stabilised.

For determining the moisture content of your wood, to ensure maximum efficiency and output from your stove. Particularly useful if you are seasoning your own wood or using a woodburning stove.


Certainly Wood
Certainly Wood

Super day, high energy logs recommended for wood burning stoves and chimeneas.  Sourced from sustainable British hardwoods.

The wood is selected for its density and its ability to burn well without sparks and with a good flame.  The wood is cut and split before spending several months in a barn before the kiln drying process.  These logs have an average moisture content of 20% and are cut to approximately 250 mm (10 inches) in length.


These are kiln dried hardwood logs 10” long with 15 – 20% moisture, from sustainable European Beech and Ash forests. Perfect for stoves & pizza ovens they are sold in plastic sacks.

These logs are sold in open green nets to allow the drying process to continue until used.  We generally recommend their use on open fireplaces as they have not been kiln dried.  These logs have an average moisture content of between 20 and 35% and are available in a variety of sizes to suit all stove sizes.

Please note during winter months stock can become limited and all options may not be available all of the time – hence we offer a variety of similar fuel alternatives in order to maintain maximum stock for our customers.


New to heating your home with a stove or fireplace?  Pop in to see us for help and advice on how to get the best out your appliance or call us on 01727 823326.  Beat electricity, gas and oil price rises by using our carbon neutral wood fuel and kiln dried logs sourced from sustainable managed British woodland.  We also supply sawdust logs by-products from local furniture manufacturers.

We sell a wide range of wood burning / multifuel stoves, fireplaces and dog grates, available to view at our extensive showrooms in Colney Heath, near St Albans.  Check out our other websites for more information; www.jdaystoneworks.com,www.ironfireplaces.co.uk.  Our showrooms are open Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm.

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Have your fuel delivered directly to your home:

£25 Local delivery* charge for quantities of 10 or above of any of our fuel products.

*within 10 mile radius of AL4 0NH